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The French Promise

by Fiona McIntosh

Postwar Paris is alive with optimism but lavender keeper Luc Ravens and his love Lisette remain haunted by the horrors they have endured.  Casting their fate to the winds, they set sail for Australia, hoping to rebuild their lives in a land that’s full of promise.

But trouble has a way of catching up with them.  When an eager young law student discovers a secret family connection with the Ravens on the other side of the world, he finds himself holding the key to his own future, and to Luc’s troubled past.

Luc must return to  France to fulfil the promises by which he has been bound – only then can be lay to rest the ghosts of years gone by so that they all might live and love again.


‘If you do yourself one favour this year, you must read this book.  Absolutely breathtaking and heartbreakingly beautiful.  I was completely and utterly hooked from the very first page.’  The Neverending Bookshelf

‘A captivating saga of love, loss, and the triumph of the human spirit.  Fiona McIntosh is an extraordinary storyteller and this historical fiction is a stunning example of her talent.’  Book’d Out

‘This epic story is full of mystery, intrigue and romance.’  Woman’s Day

‘A perfect blend of romance, action, mystery and intrigue by one of our best known and popular authors.’  Noosa Today


20 March, 2013

About Fiona McIntosh

Fiona McIntosh was born in England, spent her early childhood in West Africa and has lived in Australia for the past three decades. She worked for many years in the travel industry but after her shift to full-time writing she roams the world researching and drawing inspiration for her novels. To date she has written twenty-six novels, including seven novels for children.


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