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The Good Cop

by Justine Ford

It tells the inspiring story of Iddles’ incredible life in crime, the working methods and instinct for human behaviour that inform his extraordinary ability to bring light into the shadows, plus his uncanny knack for talking to crooks and winning their trust, not to mention his frequent and unashamed tears for the victims and his quest “to make good out of bad” and for society to “keep each other safe”.


26 August, 2016

About Justine Ford

Justine Ford is a true crime author, TV producer and journalist. Her first forays into crime were as a reporter on the top-rating Australia's Most Wanted. She has covered the Melbourne Gangland Wars and scores of chilling homicides and missing persons' cases. In that time Justine has won the trust of many families who are victims of crime, and developed deep access to police all over Australia, enabling her to bring crucial, never-before-published case information to her reporting. Justine has written three books, Missing You,One Piece of the Puzzle and Unsolved Australia (Pan Macmillan, July 2015). Justine lives in Sydney.


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