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The Governor’s House

by J.H. Fletcher

Born in poverty, transported for theft, and in love with a charismatic but dangerous man – for Cat Haggard the Tasmanian Governor’s House is not merely a beautiful building but a symbol of all she hopes to obtain in life. From convict, bushranger and accused pirate, Cat transforms herself into an entrepreneur and pillar of colonial Tasmanian society. But how is she connected to a missing ship? And could she be involved in the disappearance of a priceless treasure that, one hundred and three years after her death, will be claimed not only by a foreign government but by unscrupulous men determined to use it for their own ends?

Joanne, dean of history at the university and Cat’s descendant, is assigned the task of locating the missing artefact. Joanne believes the key may lie in a coded notebook she has inherited along with Cat’s other mysteries. But will she be able to decipher the message and put a century-old secret to rest? And will she survive to join her true love in the Governor’s House – a house that has come to mean as much to her as it did to her long-dead ancestor?


01 June, 2015

About J.H. Fletcher

J.H. Fletcher is the prize-winning author of sixteen novels, published to both critical and popular acclaim in Australia, Germany and the UK, as well as numerous short stories and plays for radio and television. He was educated in England and France. He has travelled extensively, having trekked in Kashmir and South Africa’s Drakensberg Mountains as well as along the four day Otter Trail, a rugged section of the South African coast. He has worked in the South African lowveld in a game park named Ingwelala (a Shangaan word meaning ‘where the leopard sleeps’). His military experience ranged from scrubbing cookhouse pots to commanding patrols in the tropical rainforest. He has sailed single-handed the English Channel and up the eastern coast of Africa. He has travelled extensively in South East Asia where he lived and worked for many years and which he still visits on a regular basis. His most recent novel is the bestselling Dust of the Land (Harlequin Mira, 2014). The Governor's House will be released in June 2015.


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