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The Great Big Enormous Book of Tashi

by Anna and Barbara Fienberg, Kim Gamble

Tashi’s too cunning for the war lord and the wicked baron, and far too clever for giants, ghosts and demons. And Tashi tells the best stories ever!

When he comes face to face with sneaky strangers, ancient warriors, fearless kidnappers or even a haunted house…Tashi always knows what to do: stay calm, think hard and move fast!

Tashi comes from a place very far away. He escaped from a war lord and flew to this country on the back of a swan. He’s as brave as he’s clever, and he tells the best stories ever!

Giants, ghosts, witches…

Bandits, demons, monsters…

Tashi is always ready for anything.





01 January, 1995

About Anna and Barbara Fienberg

Anna and Barbara Fienberg write the Tashi stories together. When Anna was a child, Barbara read bedtime stories to her and they would travel to all the secret places in the world, through books. They started making up the Tashi stories when Barbara remembered how, when she was a child, she used to tell tall stories, creative fibs...whoppers! And kids would crowd around, dying to hear her latest tale. Anna and Barbara talked about a character like her - someone who told fantastic stories - and over many cups of tea they cooked up Tashi.

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About Kim Gamble

Kim Gamble is one of Australia's leading illustrators for children, including the bestselling Tashi series.


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