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The Hand That Signed the Paper

by Helen Darville

The story of the colonised people of Ukraine and those that sided with the Nazis during the Second World War.

‘The brothers Kovalenko…did not kill Jews just because they were poor and Ukrainian, and did not know any better. They killed Jews because they believed that they themselves were savages.’

The Hand that Signed the Paper tells the story of Vitaly, a Ukrainian peasant, who endures the destruction of his village and family by Stalin’s communism. He welcomes the Nazi invasion in 1941 and willingly enlists in the SS Death Squads to take a horrifying revenge against those he perceives to be his persecutors.

This remarkable novel, a shocking story of the hatred that gives evil life, is also an eloquent plea for peace and justice.

Winner, Australian/Vogel Literary Award 1993 and the 1995 Miles Franklin Literary Award.

About Helen Darville

Helen Darville was born in Brisbane in 1971. She studied English and Classics at the University of Queensland and graduated with the University Medal. This is her first novel.


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