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The Inca Curse

by Christopher Ride

It’s 1908 and the Golden Cube of the Sun God has been stolen from it’s hiding place in Peru. This Cube of pure gold is cursed and has the power to control minds. The bloody revenge of the stolen Cube has seen powerful men succumb to evil, innocents murdered, and the Peruvian army mobilised. Everyone is filled with fear.

Only Wilson Dowling, a man sent from the future, is immune to it’s evil. Carrying out a series of missions encoded in the Dead Sea Scrolls, Wilson arrives to assist American explorer Hiram Bingham to discover the lost Inca city of Machu Pichu and restore the Golden Cube to its rightful place.

Infused with history and action, The Inca Curse is the next thrilling novel in Christopher Ride’s popular Overseer series.


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