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The Institute of Fantastical Inventions

by Dave Leys

Want to float around the house like a bubble and pop at midnight? No problem. Do you long to be an astronaut but are too short, too round or have poor eyesight? Never fear, the IFI is here. But when it comes to people, Leo McGuffin is hopeless. He’s always destroying poor Andrea Allsop’s good work.

When Leo meets the boy-wonder, Edward, the pair turn boring Roger Mumble into an international man of mystery. Then they discover a dastardly plan to steal the secret blueprints of all the Institute’s magnificent inventions and it’s up to Leo to save the day. Which of the Institute’s famous inventions can foil the spies’ cunning plans and save the institute Leo loves from ruin?

About Dave Leys

Dave Leys lives in Sydney, Australia. He is able to read and walk at the same time, only occasionally bumping into parked cars. He wishes he knew more about science and is attempting to make that wish come true by studying the weird and wonderful world around him. In his job as a high school teacher of English, he gets to keep in touch with the wonderful sensibilities of young people and the marvellous possibilities of language.


  1. Lesley Christie

    My granddaughter, aged 9, is an avid reader. This book sounds like it would really interest her.

    Where am I able to purchase a copy for her.


    Lesley Christie

  2. Garry Evans

    Please call into your local bookstore & they will be able to order a copy in if not in-stock. Otherwise contact Harbour Publishing via our website & we will organise a copy super quick.
    Best, Garry
    HPH Director

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