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The Love That I Have

by James Moloney

Margot Baumann has left school to take up her sister’s job in the mailroom of a large prison. But this is Germany in 1944, and the prison is Sachsenhausen concentration camp near Berlin.

Margot is shielded from the camp’s brutality as she has no contact with prisoners. But she does handle their mail and, when given a cigarette lighter and told to burn the letters, she is horrified by the callous act she must carry out with her own hands. This is especially painful since her brother was taken prisoner at Stalingrad and her family have had no letters from him. So Margot steals a few letters, intending to send them in secret, only to find herself drawn to their heart-rending words of hope, of despair, and of love.

This is how Margot comes to know Dieter Kleinschmidt – through the beauty and the passion of his letters to his girlfriend.

And since his girlfriend is also named Margot, it is like reading love letters written for her.


21 May, 2018

About James Moloney

James Moloney has written more than thirty books for children and young adults. Dougy and its companion novel, Gracey, were Honour Books in the Children’s Book Council of Australia awards, and the third title in this trilogy, Angela, gained an Honourable Mention in the UNESCO Prize for Children’s Literature in the Service of Tolerance and Peace. A Bridge to Wiseman’s Cove won the CBCA Book of the Year Award in 1997. A former teacher and librarian, James was born in Sydney but later moved to Brisbane where he now lives with his wife, Kate, and their three children.

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  1. Jane Connolly

    Great book with well realised characters and enough plot twists and turns to cause this reader late nights and some consternation. A little slow to start as characters and setting are developed but stay the distance and be rewarded by a novel of grace and hope in which human interaction and profound empathy triumph. Clever use of plot devices, this book satisfies on many levels. Thoroughly recommended.

  2. Leonie Carter

    I would love to know the story behind Margot Frank & her sister Anne & also Margot Reith
    Are they connected to James Maloney ? Many thanks ,
    Leonie Carter

    1. Carly

      Margot Frank is the oldest sister of Anne Frank, who you have probably heard of.
      It’s mentioned in Anne Frank’s diary that Margot also kept a diary, however it was never found so we know much more about her sister, Anne. There’s plenty information to be found on the girls and I would highly recommend a read of Anne Frank’s Diary as well. Margot Reich however I am unsure of. I assume in this case she is someone close to James Moloney.

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