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The Lovers’ Guide to Rome

by Mark Lamprell

This gorgeous romantic novel set around the beautiful sights of Rome tells the story of three couples and their adventures with love in the eternal city.

Young artist Alice has come to Rome for adventure and inspiration before settling down with her safe boyfriend, Daniel. Is there such a thing as love at first sight and how will she know if it’s happening to her? Middle-aged Meg and Alec have come to Rome to rekindle their love affair, which has faded over the years as they’ve become busy parents and successful businesspeople. Constance and Lizzie are here to scatter the ashes of Constance’s beloved husband Henry, who’s also Lizzie’s brother. But Lizzie doesn’t know the real story of how Constance and Henry met decades ago in Rome, and what secrets their trip back there will uncover.

The narrator of this romantic novel is actually Rome itself, who tells the story of the city and why it is has become a blessed place for lovers. It turns out that Rome will play a part in the lives of these characters and make sure they find the happiness they deserve.

The Lovers’ Guide to Rome will appeal to readers of David Nicholls and fans of films such as Midnight in Paris and Love, Actually. It is a beautifully written, warm, funny and compelling novel full of heart and pure romantic delight.


23 March, 2016

About Mark Lamprell

Mark Lamprell works in film and television. He co-wrote the film Babe: Pig in the City and wrote and directed the award- winning feature My Mother Frank. His first novel, The Full Ridiculous, was published last year and has been sold to the United States, Canada, Poland and Israel. Mark has holidayed in Rome for many years.


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