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The Princess and the Packet of Frozen Peas

by Sue deGennaro, Tony Wilson

In this modern take on the tale of the Princess and the Pea, Prince Henrik decides that sometimes real princesses can be too sensitive!
Prince Henrik wants to marry an outdoorsy kind of girl, and he knows just how to find her: instead of a single pea tucked into a pile of bedding, Henrik tests prospective brides with an entire packet of frozen peas shoved under a flimsy camping mattress.
Henrik despairs as princess after princess complains. He begins to believe he’ll never find the girl of his dreams, until one day she shows up unexpectedly in the form of his old friend, Pippa. Pippa is all too happy to join Henrik in pitching a tent or playing a hard game of hockey, after which she finds the perfect use for that packet of frozen peas!
In this remix of the fairy tale, Tony Wilson and Sue DeGennaro deliver a freshly humorous take on one prince’s search for the just-right girl of his dreams.

About Tony Wilson

Tony Wilson is an author of books for both children and adults. He's been on television and radio, loves walks on the beach and hates static electricity.

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