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The Stories of Famous Artworks

by Stepanka Sekaninova

Would you like to know more about the beautiful Mona Lisa, muscular David, the giant Buddha, Jesus Christ on high, the Little Mermaid, or delight in the splendour of sunflowers in bloom?

Join Mina the cat and her twins Anna and Lana on their journey around the world to see some of the most famous pictures and sculptures in history. Learn how they were made and meet the artists who created them. Discover nuggets of information about a wide variety of art techniques and styles. After you finish reading this book, there’s a good chance that you’ll want to become an artist. Just put on a painter’s smock, grab a palette and you’ll be ready to go!

Book Features:

  • With your trusty guide Mina the Cat, discover some of the world’s famous pictures and sculptures.
  • The beautiful and fun illustrations bring the artworks to life.
  • Discover how they were created, by whom and the history behind them.
  • This fascinating gift book will appeal to anyone interested in art regardless of age.


31 August, 2018


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