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The Wild Girl

by Kate Forsyth

The Wild Girl tells the story of Dortchen Wild. Growing up next door to the Grimm brothers in Hesse-Cassel, a small German kingdom.. In 1806, Hesse-Cassel was invaded by the French. The Grimm brothers began collecting fairytales that year, wanting to save the old stories told in spinning-circles and by the fire. Dortchen was the source of many of the tales in the Grimm brother’s first collection of fairy tales, which was published in 1812, the year of Napoleon’s disastrous march on Russia. One of the brothers, Wilhelm, loved her deeply and this story tells us of their star-crossed love affair.

This is our Book of the Month for March, and we love it! Kate Forsyth is an acclaimed author of over twenty books, published in a range of countries. Filled with magic, this is a wonderful story that will capture your imagination.



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