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The Witching Hours #2: The Troll Heart

by Jack Henseleit

The Witching Hours series continues with book 2, The Troll Heart – a chilling tale of stone and blood for only the bravest of readers.

After their adventures in Transylvania, Anna and Max just want to stay out of trouble – but trouble has other plans. The Professor’s taken them to the cold and foggy fields of England, where a new mystery is afoot. A small boy has disappeared near a strange and mysterious river, lost without a trace.

Armed with her magical white knife, Anna is determined to crack the case, boldly leading Max into danger and darkness. With memories of the fairy world still haunting her dreams, Anna feels sure that another monster is behind the boy’s disappearance. But when the sinister secret of the river is finally revealed, will the siblings be able to save the missing boy – and themselves?

Be bold. Be brave. Be terrified.

About Jack Henseleit

Jack Henseleit was born on a winter evening in 1991, just after the stroke of midnight. When the weather is dark and stormy, he writes fairy tales – real fairy tales, where witches and goblins play tricks on unwary girls and boys. Not all of the tales have happy endings. The Witching Hours is his first series of middle-grade horror novels.


  1. Hunter Wilson

    This book is sooooooooooooo amazing and I absolutely love it and everyone should get it

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