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The Wolf Keepers

by Elise Broach

Twelve-year-old Lizzie Durango and her dad have always had a zoo to call their home. Lizzie spends her days watching the animals and taking note of their various behaviors. Though the zoo makes for a unique home, it’s a hard place for Lizzie to make lasting friends. But all this changes one afternoon when she finds Tyler Briggs, a runaway who has secretly made the zoo his makeshift home.

The two become friends and, just as quickly, stumble into a covert investigation involving the zoo wolves who are suddenly dying. Little do they know, this mystery will draw them into a high-stakes historical adventure involving the legend of John Muir as they try to navigate safely while lost in Yosemite National Park.

About Elise Broach

Elise Broach is an American writer. Her publications include the acclaimed novels Shakespeare's Secret, Desert Crossing, and Masterpiece. She holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in history from Yale University and lives in Easton, Connecticut.


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