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The Young Lion

by Blanche d’Alpuget

A riveting tale about one of Europe’s most powerful kings, The Young Lion is a deeply affecting story about love and loyalty. Geoffrey the Handsome, the virile and charming Duke of Normandy, seduces Queen Eleanor of France to spy for him in the struggle between Normandy and France and Normandy and England. Said to be the most beautiful woman in Europe, and very rich, Eleanor has not been able to give birth to an heir for France. Her liaison with Geoffrey could remedy that – or lead to her downfall and Geoffrey’s death. But what begins with cool calculation becomes a passionate affair. Despite his love for Eleanor, however, Geoffrey has larger plans: to help his warrior son, Henry, seize the English throne from the uncle who usurped it from its rightful heir, Henry’s mother. When Henry is forced to intervene to save the lives of his father and Eleanor, he falls foul of the French queen-and madly in love with her Byzantine maid. Should he become King of England, however, this dazzling foreign girl will never be acceptable as his queen. These two relationships, both forbidden, both perilous, are at the centre of a tale of consuming ambition, family vengeance and political intrigue set in the glorious flowering of troubadour culture, mysticism and learning that is 12th century France.

A vibrant, playful and ably researched novel … This is not history for antiquarians. Buy The Young Lion in time for Christmas.‘ Sydney Morning Herald


01 September, 2013

About Blanche d’Alpuget

Blanche d’Alpuget is an acclaimed novelist, biographer and essayist who has won numerous awards, including the prestigious Australasian Prize for Commonwealth Literature and The Age book award. Her works include Monkeys in the Dark, Turtle Beach, Winter in Jerusalem, White Eye, Mediator: a biography of Sir Richard Kirby and Robert J Hawke: a biography.


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