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Things My Father Taught Me

by Claire Halliday

No matter how we describe our own father, he leaves an indelible imprint.

Claire Halliday spoke with a range of well-known Australians who shared their stories about the way their dads shape their lives. From memories of deep warmth and closeness to stories of difficulty and tragedy – everyone’s story is unique.

What’s common in these stories, from some of Australia’s much-loved comedians, singers, radio and TV personalities, chefs and authors, is that fathers have a defining impact on our attitudes and choices in life.

Featuring the stories of Danny Katz, Ann Peacock, Anthony Callea, Darryn Lyons, David Koch, Joe Hildebrand, Kerri Pottharst (OAM), Neil Mitchell, Normie Rowe, Catriona Rowntree, George Calombaris, Paul West, Jo Stanley, Christian Wagstaff, Em Rusciano, Matthew Reilly, Rev Tim Costello, and Santo Cilauro… as told to Claire Halliday.

About the Author

Claire Halliday is an experienced journalist, copywriter, and author. She began her writing career doing features for The Sunday Age and, since then, has published more than 1000 articles in prominent magazines and newspapers. She has a strong interest in the lost art of listening and has honed interviewing skills that help her share powerful, compelling stories. Her books include Things My Mother Taught Me (Echo) and Do You Want Sex With That? (Penguin).

About Claire Halliday

Claire Halliday is an experienced journalist, copywriter and the author of Do You Want Sex With That? (Penguin)

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