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Three Hours Late

by Nicole Trope

Once, so very long ago, she had watched him like this when he came to pick her up from a date…Her stomach fluttered and burned with infatuation and desire. She would watch him walk up the path and think, ‘This must be love.’

But that was so very long ago. Now Liz is wary and afraid. She has made a terrible mistake and it cannot be undone.

Alex believes that today will be the day she comes back to him. Today will be the day his wife and young son finally come home. Today they will be a family again.

But Liz knows that some things can never be mended. Some marriages are too broken. Some people are too damaged. Now the most important thing in her life is her son, Luke, and she will do anything in her power to protect him.

So when Alex is a few minutes late bringing Luke back Liz begins to worry and when he is an hour late her concern grows and when he is later still she can feel her whole life changing because: what if Alex is not just late?

The terrible secrets of a marriage, the love that can turn to desperation, the refuge and heartbreak of being a parent, the fragile threads that cradle a family…Three Hours Late is a gripping and deeply emotional novel of almost unbearable suspense from a writer of great insight and empathy.


01 June, 2013

About Nicole Trope

Nicole Trope is a former high school teacher with an MA in Children's Literature. In 2005 she won a Varuna Award for Manuscript Development. In 2009 her young adult novel I Ran Away First was shortlisted for the Text Publishing Prize. In 2012 she published The Boy Under the Table.

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