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Tiny Timmy: Soccer Superstar!

by Tim Cahill

Tim tries out for his school team but keeps getting pushed off the ball and doesn’t make the side.

The coach tells him he’s just not big enough to cut it with the other kids. Devastated, Tim tries some unconventional ways to make himself taller with not-very-successful but hilarious results! He finds the best thing to do is practise hard with his brothers and friends. Confronted with a tricky situation, Tim comes to realise that although he isnt as big and tall as the other kids, he can jump really high. And because hes been practising so much, he has better skills and shooting than the other kids.

Will it be enough to earn him a place in the team?


01 November, 2015

About Tim Cahill

Timothy Filiga "Tim" Cahill (born 6 December 1979) is an Australian professional football player, who currently plays for Shanghai Shenhua in the Chinese Super League and the Australia national football team, where he is the all-time top goal scorer. Cahill has become one of the highest profile footballers in the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), earning over 80 caps and scoring 42 goals for his country. He was the first Australian to score at a FIFA World Cup, Cahill has scored in three World Cups (2006, 2010, 2014) and has scored the most goals by any Australian in the World Cup with five goals.[5] In 2007 he became the first Australian player to score at an AFC Asian Cup. Cahill is known for his adept heading ability and high vertical leap, having scored a majority (20) of his goals with his head.

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