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by Peter Temple

At the close of a long day, Inspector Stephen Villani stands in the bathroom of a luxury apartment high above the city. In the glass bath, a young woman lies dead, a panic button within reach.

So begins Truth, the sequel to Peter Temple’s bestselling masterpiece, The Broken Shore, winner of the Gold Dagger for Best Crime Novel.

Villani’s life is his work. It is his identity, his calling, his touchstone. But now, over a few sweltering summer days, as fires burn across the state and his superiors and colleagues scheme and jostle, he finds all the certainties of his life are crumbling.

Truth is a novel about a man, a family, a city. It is about violence, murder, love, corruption, honour and deceit. And it is about truth.

‘Here is an author with a rich talent, a writer to compare with James Ellroy and his tough, taut LA prose… Temple writes with a rare clarity that grabs and holds from the start. There is no meandering here, no cluttering of precious words; each one hits the mark….Truth succeeds as a well-paced, most engaging crime novel, a world-class effort. It is also one of the best pieces of modern Australian fiction this decade, if not for many decades.’ Courier-Mail

Peter Temple is arguably our leading writer of crime fiction, if not one of Australia’s best novelists regardless of genre….This is a complex, multi-layered novel that weaves together past and present crimes with intricate family relationships and the smell of political corruption…Temple reveals the unpleasant underside of Melbourne’s bright facades…Fans of good fiction can rejoice; the king of Australian crime is back and in exceedingly good form.’ Canberra Times

About Peter Temple

Peter Temple is the author of nine novels, including four books in the Jack Irish series. He has won the Ned Kelly Award for Crime Fiction five times, and his widely acclaimed novels have been published in over twenty countries. The Broken Shore won the UK’s prestigious Duncan Lawrie Dagger for the best crime novel of 2007 and Truth won the 2010 Miles Franklin Literary Award, the first time a crime writer has won an award of this calibre anywhere in the world. Temple’s first two novels Bad Debts and Black Tide have been made into films with Guy Pearce starring as Jack Irish. They screened on the ABC in October, 2012.

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