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by Debra Oswald

Once a charming underachiever, he’s now such a loser that he can’t even commit suicide properly. Waking up in hospital after falling the wrong way on a rooftop, he comes to a decision. He shouldn’t waste perfectly good organs just because they’re attached to his head. After a life of regrets, Sully wants to do one useful thing: he wants to donate a kidney to a stranger.

As he scrambles over the hurdles to become a donor, Sully almost accidentally forges a new life for himself. Sober and employed, he makes new friends, not least radio producer Natalie and her son Louis, and begins to patch things up with old ones, like his ex-best mate Tim. Suddenly, everyone wants a piece of him.

But altruism is not as easy as it seems. Just when he thinks he’s got himself together, Sully discovers that he’s most at risk of falling apart.


28 January, 2015

About Debra Oswald

Debra Oswald is a writer for film, television, stage, radio and children's fiction. Her novels for teenagers include Getting Air and Blue Noise, and her children's novels include The Redback Leftovers, Me and Barry Terrific, The Return of the Baked Bean and The Fifth Quest. Her plays include Gary's House and Sweet Road, which were shortlisted for the NSW Premier's Award. Her best known play, Dags, has been performed in Britain and the United States. In 2008 Stories in the Dark won Best Play in the NSW Premier's Literary Awards. Debra's television credits include Police Rescue, Palace of Dreams, Bananas in Pyjamas and The Secret Life of Us. She is creator and head writer of the Channel 10 drama series Offspring, for which she won a NSW Premier's Literary Award in 2011.

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