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Why Can’t I Be a Dinosaur?

by Kylie Westaway

Today is Aunt Daisy’s wedding and Nellie knows exactly what she wants to wear — and it’s not her flower-girl dress. An hilarious read-aloud story by the creative team behind the CBCA Notable Book, Whale in the Bath.

“Today. Is. Dinosaur. Day!” I roared. 
“Today is Aunt Daisy’s wedding,” said Mum. “And Nellie, you’re the flower girl, remember?”
“But I can’t be a flower girl today,” I said. “I’m a dinosaur.”

Mum, Dad and baby Riley are all busy getting ready for Aunt Daisy’s wedding and no one has time to listen to Nellie. But Nellie can’t wear her flower girl dress today. Today, she’s a dinosaur.

Luckily Nellie might just have a brilliant idea …

Why Can’t I be a Dinosaur? is a warm family story about determination and ingenuity – and a wedding with a difference.

About Kylie Westaway

Kylie Westaway has spent most of her life travelling and living in different countries. Her background is in theatre, where she worked on the Australian production of The Lion King and for the Bell Shakespeare Company. Kylie spent a year teaching 2-6 year olds in South Korea and started working in publishing when she returned to Australia. Her first picture book,Whale in the Bath, was published in the US, Germany and South Korea, and was a 2015 CBCA Notable Book.

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