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by Danielle Steel

Lily is a winner. At 14 she won her first bronze medal at the Winter Olympic games for Skiing, now at 17 she is poised to take gold. In the lead up to the event she is tragically injured in an accident confining her to a wheel-chair. With his daughters dreams now crushed, Lily’s father Bill, is utterly beside himself. Lily is his world, especially after her mother’s death. Overcome with grief he feels the need to blame someone and who is better than Lily’s orthopaedic surgeon, Jessica Matthews. Jessica’s life also changed that night when her husband was killed in a car accident taking their four children bowling. With their worlds collapsing, the recovery for these three people is slow but when things feel like they can’t get any worse, hope and redemption reign supreme.



01 October, 2013

About Danielle Steel

Danielle Steel is one of the world's most popular and highly acclaimed authors, with over ninety international bestselling novels in print and more than 600 million copies of her novels sold.


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