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You, Me and Other People

by Fionnuala Kearney

For Adam and Beth, divorce wasn’t the end – it was just the beginning…

Adam knew the deal – he just thought he wouldn’t get caught. Beth had forgiven him once, a long time ago, for cheating on her, and he should have known better that to risk it all over again for another woman. Beth is trying to find out who she is without Adam – until her world fell apart, she had no idea how much she had moulded herself to fit into Adam’s life. But as Beth tries to move on with her life, more secrets from Adam’s past surface that change everything all over again – not just for them, but for their teenage daughter Meg, and the people they thought they could trust most in the world…


24 August, 2015

About Fionnuala Kearney

Before beginning her writing career, Fionnuala Kearney was an insurance pen pusher, a too-short-to-ever-be-successful model, and a secretary, finally ending up in property. There, for many years, she was a home search agent. She loved it while it lasted but the day came when that writing itch just had to be scratched. She is married, a mother, a sibling, a daughter, a friend: all roles which help provide fodder for the day job plus she loves listening in on conversations, on real life drama. She loves to write about relationships, peel away the layers that make up couples, friends, parents and children, siblings, and wants to know the ‘who’, the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of what’s happening in their lives and how they really feel about it.


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