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12 Mouthwatering Cookbooks on Every Subject

Who doesn’t love a cookbook for any occasion? From magic soup, to gourmet donuts, to salads in jars… With so many cookbooks published, it feels like there’s a cookbook on every subject imaginable!  So we’ve compiled some of the best to choose from this year. Here’s a selection of our top picks:

the-magic-soupMagic Soup comes from the head chef at Ottolenghi’s Soho restaurant, this is a collection of delicious and nutritious soups  packed with a unique blend of fresh food, spices and flavours. The photography in this book is particularly gorgeous.

Making Pasta at home has never been easier! Beautifully presented, this comes from the Silver Spoon kitchen. This book features versatile, everyday recipes to cook at home for friends and family.

There is literally a cookbook devoted just to toasted cheese sandwiches in Grilled Cheese – from the classic to the international (croque monsieur anyone?) to the more unusual (reblochon and potato gratin and bacon), this one is definitely a winner.

Paulene Christie started a facebook group to share her slow cooker recipes and eighteen months later had an active community of 270,000 members. Slow Cooker Central is a collection of dishes that have been created and shared by this passionate network.

From Channel 7’s Sally Obermeder, Super Green Smoothies is collection of sixty smoothie recipes – a great way to kick start your way weight-loss, energy and all round good health. Not just for summer, these are great to have in the winter months as well.donuts

Donuts has fifty mouth-watering recipes for donuts you can make at home. This book includes gems such as strawberry brulee croissant-donuts, coconut and date paleo donuts and a personal favourite, iced honey-cream donuts.

In The Huxtaburger Burger Book Daniel Wilson, co-owner and chef behind the hugely popular Huxtaburger outlets, presents the elements that make up the ultimate burger. Close up cross-sections of burgers and illustrative elements throughout make this a design winner too.

The Larousse Book of Bread features more than 80 home baking recipes for breads and pastries from two of France’s most trusted authorities. This is the ideal baking resource for both home cooks and professionals.

Jar Salads contains 52 deliciously inventive salads – a new one for every week of the year. From a Mexican inspired vegetarian taco salad to a Vietnamese pork and vermicelli noodle salad, this book has all tastes covered. Get inspired to get healthy.

Pies and TartsDon’t think you can make a warm, gooey homemade cake in under five minutes? Think again! 5 Minute Mug Cakes is a collection of recipes of quick cakes that are made in a microwave – perfect for a quick weeknight treat.

A definite trend in cooking at the moment, Pete Evan’s gives us Spiralise. Spiralisers are easy to use and are a brilliant way to increase your vegetable intake, by replacing traditional carb heavy meals with vegetable noodles.

Pies and Tarts by well loved chef and author Stephane Reynaud introduces readers to the savoury and swe et pies and tarts of regional France in this beautifully designed book, with everything from a rainbow trout and horseradish pie to a duck and foie gras pie.

Let us know your favourite cookbooks to cook from or to give as a gift.


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