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8 Conversation-Starting Books for Your Next Book Club

What makes a good book club book ? Ideally it should suit the tastes and interests of most members – no point in choosing a mass market thriller if your book club only likes literary fiction. But then it’s good to get out of your comfort zone sometimes and choose books that broaden your horizons too.

It helps to choose books likely to generate conversation and the best books might not necessarily be the best book club books. So look for a book with controversial subject matter, or an interesting twist, or a complex moral dilemma at its heart. After all, the whole point of the book club is to talk about the book and not just drink the wine and eat the cheese and biscuits – isn’t it?

Who makes the selection at any book club? Some book clubs rotate the member who gets to choose that month, others have one person choose every time, and others just throw a few books up for discussion at the meeting and vote on what’s going to be next. Let us know how your book club chooses its books in the comments below.

To help make your choice easier, we’ve selected some new books that we think would make great book club books:


  1. anne maree

    I recently read Claiming Noah. Great book and definatly a good one for discussions.

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