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Mandy Magro’s Top 10 Favourite Books of All Time

Bestselling Australian romance writer Mandy Magro, author of The Wildwood Sisters, tells us her top ten favourite books of all time:


This is where my love for the written word really started. I’m a big fan of Enid’s books, and I have passed my passion onto my eight-year-old daughter….my heart melts each and every time I see her nose buried in a book.

LIGHT IS THE NEW BLACK – Rebecca Campbell

2016 has been an extremely challenging year, and has left me questioning and changing a lot of things in my life to make way for the happy peaceful life we all long for. This book inspired me, brought me to tears (both happy and sad) and made me see things in a completely different light. The most moving spiritual book I have ever read.

GIRL ON THE TRAIN – Paula Hawkins

This book had me gripping the edges of whatever I was sitting on. Taking every chance I had to delve into more of the story I read it in two days flat. A page-turner if I’ve ever read one.

JILLAROO – Rachael Treasure

This is the very book that inspired me to try my hand at writing rural romance, so boy oh boy do I have a lot to owe to this one. With all the thrills and spills of country life, combined with a budding romance and a hot country bloke, what more could a woman ask for?


The true story of the very first woman to single-handedly run a two million acre cattle property in the Kimberly’s. Filled with hardship, joy and triumph, this book moved me beyond words as I journeyed with Sheryl throughout the pages.


A memoir of a man’s life as a jackaroo. Ian’s descriptions of the land, and the people that live there, is jaw dropping to say the least. I finished this book with a greater understanding and love for the beautiful rural landscapes of our big backyard.

SISTER – Rosamund Lupton

This book was the inspiration behind my sixth novel, The Wildwood Sisters. This author has a gripping way of making you feel as though you’ve climbed inside the pages of the book, every heart-stopping moment making you hold your breath even longer.

THE NOTEBOOK – Nicholas Sparks

Swoon. This book, what can I say…my heart in melting just thinking about it. What a love story! I fall into it, head over heels; each and every time I pick it up to read it again.

WAR DOGS – Shane Bryant and Tony Park

The insight into the lives of our brave soldiers that walk the front line with their loyal bomb dogs beside them moved me to tears many many times. A must read for every proud Australian. This book was the inspiration behind my 5th book, Country at Heart.


A very recent owner of a Thermomix, this book is my go to for healthy recipes that never cease to amaze me with how yummy they can be without the use of refined ingredients. A must for anyone that owns a Thermomix! Purchase a copy through their website!


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