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The Best Books About Food

Here at Better Reading, our passion for food is surpassed only by our passion for books, so when it comes to wonderful books about food, we simply can’t resist. Not only recipe books, but novels that take us on sensual journeys, such as John Lanchester’s amazing Debt to Pleasure; or memorable food memoirs that every foodie worth their Himalayan pink salt should have on their shelves, such as Anthony Bourdain’s behind-the-scenes-in-a-commerical-kitchen classic Kitchen Confidential; or those instant classics that cross the line between cookbook and musings on food, such as the wonderful How to Eat by the domestic goddess herself, Nigella Lawson. We also love those well researched books that encourage us to re-think our attitude to what we put in our mouths – thinking about where it comes from and how it got there – such as Michael Pollan’s brilliant In Defence of Food.

Here are just a few of our all-time favourite books about food. Let us know if you have any others to add to the list.


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