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This Book is One of Hope: Q&A with Josephine Moon, Author of Buddhism for Meat Eaters

July 18, 2019

About the author: Josephine Moon was born and raised in Brisbane, had a false start in Environmental Science before completing a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and then a postgraduate degree in education. Twelve years and ten manuscripts later, her first novel The Tea Chest was picked up for publication and then shortlisted for an ABIA award. Her bestselling […] - Read more

How I lost my sight and learned to read again

A temporary loss of vision turned this writer on to audio books I’m lying in a dark hospital room, a bandage covering my right eye. It’s the middle of the night, but I’m wide awake. I need to do something. I turn on the light with the switch that lies on my stomach. That’s when […] - Read more

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An Adrenalin-Fuelled Plot: Read an Extract From Karin Slaughter’s, The Last Widow

July 17, 2019

Start reading now Packed full of thrills, twists and turns, The Last Widow is a timely, compulsively readable novel that will stay with you long after you’ve turned the final page. It’s Sunday, 7 July 2019, and Michelle Spivey and her daughter, Ashley, are spending the afternoon at the mall. Michelle works a busy job as a […] - Read more

Plenty of Humour and Heart: Read an Extract From Nailed It! by Mel Campbell and Anthony Morris

Start reading now A sparkling, witty and heartfelt story about relationships, love, and one woman’s life-changing journey into the world of reality television. Rose is feeling frustrated. She finished her carpentry apprenticeship six months ago, and although she was thrilled to land a job with Old Steve, a veteran carpenter with an artisanal, old-fashioned approach, […] - Read more

We’ve Really Enjoyed Writing Romantic Comedies: Q&A With Nailed It! Authors, Mel Campbell and Anthony Morris

About the authors: Mel Campbell is a Melbourne-based freelance journalist, critic, copywriter and editor. Mel researches and writes about film and television, clothing and costume, books and ideas, media and consumer culture, and the wonderful, underrated banalities of everyday life. Her first book was Out of Shape: Debunking the Myths About Fashion and Fit (Affirm Press, 2013). […] - Read more

I Enjoy the Sensation of Being Scared Myself: Q&A with The Whisper Man Author, Alex North

About the author: Alex North was born in Leeds, England, where he now lives with his wife and son. Buy a copy of The Whisper Man here  // Read our review of The Whisper Man here The Whisper Man is described as a gripping, moving and brilliantly creepy psychological thriller. Can you tell us a […] - Read more

What a Lovely World it Would Be: Read an Extract from Buddhism for Meat Eaters by Josephine Moon

Start reading now For many years women’s fiction author, Josephine Moon struggled with the question of eating meat, fervently wishing to live as a vegetarian yet requiring meat in her diet. From Moon’s philosophical, spiritual and physical battle with eating meat came, Buddhism for Meat Eaters. Open, honest and utterly without judgement, Buddhism for Meat Eaters encourages readers […] - Read more

I Was Watching a Documentary About a Particularly Gruesome Killer: Q&A with Sarah Barrie, Author of Devil’s Lair

About the author: Sarah Barrie is a bestselling Australian author writing suspense in rural settings. Her debut bestselling print novel, Secrets of Whitewater Creek, earned her a spot as one of the Top 10 breakthrough authors of that year, and her next three books, the Hunters Ridge series, also reached bestseller status. Sarah has also worked […] - Read more

Breaking Book News: Lee Child’s Jack Reacher Heading for TV

Exciting news for Jack Reacher fans: Amazon has won the rights in a major bidding war to develop a new television series based on Lee Child’s bestselling novels. Jack Reacher has already been on the big screen, with Tom Cruise in the title role, in two films that grossed over $400 million combined. The series […] - Read more