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5 Author Podcasts, Perfect for an Easter Road Trip

April 18, 2019

Road trips and podcasts go together like Easter and eggs. Many book lovers use this time to listen to audio books. But another great way to feed your bookish needs is to listen to the Better Reading Stories Behind the Story podcast, where Cheryl Akle discusses life, literature and everything with a lineup of truly […] - Read more

Short Story Snacks: Free Vending Machine Stories

April 17, 2019

Readers over a certain age will remember when they’d spend their daily commute staring into space or reading a book. Now commuters pass the time gazing at, or listening to their phones. We have a vast array of options to fill our time: podcasts, games, apps, news, music and social media. Now there’s one more […] - Read more

Evocative, Immersive and Gorgeously Written: Read an Extract from The Strawberry Thief by Joanne Harris

Start reading now   “I used to think it was simple, that art. The making of harmless indulgences. But at last I have come to realise that no indulgence is harmless… Forty years a witch and now, at last, I have become a Puritan”. Hard to believe it’s been twenty years since the publication of […] - Read more

Researching Organ Transplants, the Heart and Chocolate: Q&A with Josephine Moon, Author of The Gift of Life

About Josephine Moon: Josephine Moon was born and raised in Brisbane, had a false start in Environmental Science before completing a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and then a postgraduate degree in education. Twelve years and ten manuscripts later, her first novel The Tea Chest was picked up for publication and then shortlisted for an ABIA award. Her […] - Read more

Author of Eight Lives, Susan Hurley Shares her Five Favourite Thrillers

April 16, 2019

About Susan Hurley: Susan Hurley has worked in medical research and the pharmaceutical industry for more than thirty years. Her research has been published in high profile medical journals like the Lancet and her writing has appeared in Kill Your Darlings, The Australian, The Big Issue, Mascara Literary Review and literary journals, magazines and newspapers. She was […] - Read more

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Love, Jealousy and Madness: Read an Extract from Under the Midnight Sky by Anna Romer

Start reading now   ‘Love, losing it and finding it again is the big theme in a brooding mystery that examines love of all kinds and its power to do good or evil…’ In her latest book, Under The Midnight Sky, popular Australian author Anna Romer has crafted an intriguing tale about love and obsession, revolving […] - Read more

Organising Your Books: How Do You Do It?

Are you an alphabetiser, or a colour coder? Do you like order, or literary mayhem? Do you know where each book you own is shelved, or do you often spend ages searching for that one title you want? If you’re a lover of books, and own a lot of books, you will most likely have […] - Read more

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Four Years with a Fictional Mosaicist: Andrea Goldsmith on Researching Invented Lives

About Andrea Goldsmith Andrea Goldsmith originally trained as a speech pathologist and was a pioneer in the development of communication aids for people unable to speak.  Her first novel, Gracious Living, was published in 1989. This was followed by Modern Interiors, Facing the Music, Under the Knife, and The Prosperous Thief, which was short-listed for the 2003 Miles Franklin Literary […] - Read more

More Than a Mystery: Q&A with Anna Romer, Author of Under The Midnight Sky

About Anna Romer Anna Romer was born in Australia to a family of booklovers. She led a nomadic life for many years, travelling around Europe and Britain in an ancient Kombi van where she discovered a passion for history. These days she lives in a little old cottage surrounded by bushland, writing stories about dark […] - Read more