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A Brilliant Female Empowered Crime Novel: Read a Review of Dead Man Switch by Tara Moss

October 23, 2019

Dead Man Switch is set in 1946 post-war Sydney, Australia. Which in itself is a fascinating time period and nothing gets me like a book set where I live. It is so enjoyable to read how the area has changed and how it remains the same. The immediate post-war era is an interesting time period […]
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Beautiful and Incredibly Funny: Review of So Lucky by Dawn O’Porter

October 22, 2019

Is anyone’s life as perfect as it looks? Beth, Ruby and Lauren all have their perfect looking worlds. Beth is married, with a beautiful baby and runs her own wedding planning business. Ruby is a successful photo editor, with her own sense of style, living life by her own rules. And Lauren is literally living […]
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They Were Taken to Perform in Human Zoos: Read a Q&A with Paris Savages Author, Katherine Johnson

About the author: Katherine Johnson is the author of three previous novels: Pescador’s Wake (Fourth Estate, 2009), The Better Son(Ventura Press, 2016) and Matryoshka (Ventura Press, 2018). Her manuscripts have won Varuna Awards and Tasmanian Premier’sLiterary Prizes. The Better Son was longlisted for both the Indie Book Awards and the Tasmania Book Prize. Katherine holds both arts and science degrees, has worked as […]
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Transports the Reader to Another Time: Read a review of There Was Still Love by Favel Parrett

“You must become like a brown suitcase. You must close up tight, protect your most needed possessions – all you can hold. Your heart, your mind, your soul. You must become like a little suitcase and try not to think about home.” Award winning Australian author Favel Parrett has created a tender story about families, […]
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Utterly Delightful: Read a Review of Just One Wish by Rachael Johns

Three women, three secrets, one life-changing journey. This book helped me lose weight. Read on and I’ll tell you how. While the word predictable in a book review is rarely a good thing, in this instance it is – Rachael Johns is totally predictable in that you simply know you’re going to get a great […]
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My Child Was Diagnosed Dyslexic

October 20, 2019

To mark Dyslexia Awareness Month, author Meg Mason writes about how she reacted – and what she did – when her daughter Daphne Mason was diagnosed with dyslexia at kindergarten age. Words | Meg Mason and Daphne Mason For most of us, reading is like breathing. Something we do every day without ever really thinking […]
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You’ll be Completely Hooked: Read an Extract From Never Have I Ever by Joshilyn Jackson

October 17, 2019

Start reading now Amy Whey is happy with her perfectly ordinary little life. She has her wonderful husband, her adorable baby, a wonderful stepdaughter, a circle of mum-friends, and a devoted best friend. Along with her best friend, Charlotte, Amy helps run their book club. But one little game played at their book club changes Amy’s […]
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Books We’ve Loved this Spring: The Better Reading Team Chooses their Seasonal Highlights

The Better Reading team has well and truly whipped off our winter woolies and boots and now slouching around the office in sandals. We’ve been loving so many of the spring titles that have hit our desks, and thought we’d each share a standout spring title… so far. Cheryl Akle, Director I’ve just finished Mary […]
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An Exquisitely Written Book: Read an Extract From Paris Savages by Katherine Johnson

October 16, 2019

Start reading now I read a lot of very good books for work. Sometimes something great comes along. This book is it. Fraser Island, 1882. The population of the Badtjala people is in sharp decline following a run of brutal massacres. German scientist Louis Müller lives on the island with his daughter Hilda. They are […]
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