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Book of the Week

June 10, 2015

A stunning debut about trust from a new Australian voice… Why we love it: The Lost Swimmer is a smartly constructed, tense thriller that will leave you guessing until the very end. It’s a remarkable debut from former filmmaker Ann Turner, who’s destined to become a prominent name in Australian writing. Rebecca Wilding is an archaeology […] - Read more

Listen to Cheryl Talk ‘Get Back Into Reading’ on ABC Radio 702

June 5, 2015

Earlier this week Better Reading’s Cheryl Akle was on Mornings with Linda Mottram (ABC 702). Her mission? To inspire any lapsed readers back into the wonderful habit of reading. For anyone who is overwhelmed with the choice of books when they walk into a bookshop or library, this segment from Tuesday’s show makes great listening. “It’s all about […] - Read more

Get Back Into Reading on Mamamia

Continuing the theme of ‘Get Back Into Reading’, the campaign kickstarted with Cheryl Akle’s interview on ABC 702 this week, Cheryl was invited by Mamamia’s Debrief Daily Network  to recommend 12 books that she guarantees will inspire any lapsed bookworms back into reading. The 12 books that Cheryl is confident can rekindle anyone’s passion for the written […] - Read more

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Freebie Fridays!

This week, to celebrate the DVD launch of the splendid movie The Theory of Everything, we’re giving away 3 book & DVD packs and 7 copies of the book on which the movie was based, Travelling to Infinity. That’s right – 10 lucky winners! To be in with a chance, simply go to our Facebook […] - Read more

Book of the Week

June 4, 2015

Gritty and full of suspense, Helene Young’s Northern Heat brings together two people with tragic pasts, against the backdrop of steamy Far North Queensland and a brewing cyclone. While Young’s heartbreaking portrayal of domestic abuse is a major theme, readers will find comfort in the magnetic attraction between a mysterious deckhand and the local doctor. Conor Woods is […] - Read more

Get Back Into Reading

June 1, 2015

Better Reading’s Cheryl Akle will be on Mornings with Linda Mottram (ABC 702)  to inspire any lapsed bookworms back into the reading habit. If you love books but haven’t been able to find anything that grabs you lately – or if you’ve never been able to get into a regular reading habit – Cheryl recommends […] - Read more

From Books to Movies at this Year’s Sydney Film Festival

May 30, 2015

Sydney Film Festival kicks off this Wednesday 3rd June, and we’re excited to report that there’s a strong literary element to this year’s festival – many of the featured movies began life in book form. It’s been a while since there’s been a Thomas Hardy screen adaptation so we’re more than ready for a remake of Hardy’s […] - Read more

Cheryl Talks ‘Tell-Alls’ on Mornings

May 29, 2015

With talk of the legendary Barbra Streisand about to pen her first ever autobiography after 60 years in showbiz, Better Reading’s Cheryl Akle is invited on today’s Morning Show (Channel 9) to talk autobiographies. Despite thousands of column inches devoted to Streisand’s personal life and more than 50 books written about her, the singing superstar has remained notoriously private. […] - Read more

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Freebie Fridays!

Look out for our regular competitions every Friday on the Better Reading Facebook page for a chance to win free books or movie tickets. This Friday, we’re giving five readers the chance to win a SIGNED copy of this week’s Better Reading Book of the Week, the scrumptious River Cottage Australia Cookbook from Paul West. For […] - Read more

Book of the Week

May 26, 2015

For passionate cooks and gardeners, or anyone interested in living a more sustainable lifestyle, The River Cottage Australia Cookbook is a must-have addition to your kitchen shelves. Straightforward and friendly, this cookbook sets out some delicious new recipes that are not too hard to make, yet bursting with flavour. The emphasis is on quality and […] - Read more