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Friday Freebies!

July 24, 2015

Look out for our regular competitions every Friday on the Better Reading Facebook page for a chance to win free books or movie tickets. Our mouths have been watering looking at the photos from the delicious, wholesome and healthy new cookbook, Whole Food Slow Cooked, by Olivia Andrews. We have 5 copies to give away […] - Read more

Why Are Adults Going Crazy for Colouring Books?

July 21, 2015

We asked a clinical psychologist, a bookseller, and a librarian why adults are going wild about colouring books.  It’s not a new phenomenon – it’s been a craze in some countries for years, France in particular – but it’s been gaining momentum in Australia since the beginning of the year. Adults are buying so many […] - Read more

Emily Bitto on Celebrating Women’s Writing

It’s been an exciting – though busy – year for first-time novelist Emily Bitto. She is running the bar she opened with her partner in Melbourne and she has won one of Australia’s prominent literary prizes, the Stella, for her debut novel, The Strays. The Strays is set in the 1930s and is about an lonely only child, […] - Read more

Kate Grenville on the Challenges of Family Memoir

July 18, 2015

Kate Grenville is one of Australia’s best-loved authors. Her books have been published all over the world and have been shortlisted for, and won, some of the most prestigious literary awards. One of her early novels, Lilian’s Story, was made into a much-loved film starring the late Ruth Cracknell. Her historical novel, The Secret River, was shortlisted for the Man […] - Read more

Cheryl Talks About Harper Lee on Mornings

July 16, 2015

This week Better Reading’s Cheryl Akle was invited on Channel 9’s the Morning Talk to talk about the controversy surrounding the release of legendary author Harper Lee’s ‘second’ novel, Go Set A Watchman. Why all the controversy around the novel from the iconic the To Kill A Mockingbird author’s novel? Find out more here.   - Read more

Celebrating Australian Authors Lunch

We’d like to thank all the Australian Authors who attended our special Celebrating Australian Authors lunch at the home of Better Reading’s Cheryl Akle in Sydney’s Inner West yesterday. We warmly thank all the authors and their publishers for their support of, and engagement with, Better Reading over the years and on the day we […] - Read more

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Book of the Week

July 13, 2015

Why We Love it: While gritty and sad, In the Quiet is an uplifting and heartwarming story. It’s a beautiful depiction of Australian rural life; a hymn to horses and a raw and compelling take on the challenges and realities of country life. Cate Carlton has died, though why or how remains a mystery for […] - Read more

Li Feng on Tiger Mothers and Researching a Heartrending Memoir

Li Feng arrived in Sydney as an adult after fleeing Communist China and an overbearing mother. She made sense of her childhood by piecing together her family’s fascinating history. The result is a well-researched and emotionally charged story of family struggling over four generations in Forged from Silver Dollar. We spoke to Li Feng about […] - Read more

Fiona McCallum on Writing about Horses and the Country

July 11, 2015

Fiona McCallum is passionate about animals, horses in particular, as well as reading and writing.  She spent her childhood years on the family cereal and wool farm outside a small town on South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula. At age nine she decided that she wanted to be the next Enid Blyton and though not yet as […] - Read more