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Meals for the Mind: Maggie Beer and Prof. Ralph Martins on the Cooking the Books Podcast

November 22, 2017

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Cheryl Akle sits down with Maggie Beer and Professor Ralph Martins to discuss dementia, a love of cooking, and their recently published cook book, ‘Maggie’s Recipe for Life‘.

Podcast Guest: Maggie Beer and Professor Ralph Martins

Maggie Beer is one of Australia’s best-known cooks. In addition to co-hosting The Cook and The Chef and making regular appearances on MasterChef Australia, Maggie devotes her time to the Farmshop in the Barossa Valley, where it all began, and to her Export Kitchen there, which produces her famous range of pates, fruit pastes, jams, sauces and verjuice, and develops her range of super-indulgent ice creams.

Duration: 26 mins.



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