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A Little Fairy Book by Anna Pignataro

August 8, 2017

a-little-fairy-bookEarly childhood is a time of magic, whimsy, discovery, and excitement, and Pignataro has represented these feelings perfectly in her new educational board books, A Little Fairy Book.

With wonderful colours and illustration, there are currently two wonderful board books in the A Little Fairy Book series aimed at ages three and up. They’re set in a magical fairy world, deep down at the very bottom of the garden. It’s a tiny little village – a village of fairies! The illustration captures this whimsical sense perfectly. Everything is pink and sparkly, and her illustration is beautifully charming and pastel. It’s an ethereal world, and even as adults read along with their little ones, it won’t be hard to stop and admire the artwork that Pignataro has put in her books.

Each board book (currently two in the series) focuses on a different learning activity. Trixy, who lives in a pretty pink poppy and whose wings are sparkly with magic fairy dust, loves shapes. As you go through the board book, you’re asked to help find all the shapes hidden amongst the fairy garden. You’ll go searching for gold stars, circles, and hearts, all while she waters her garden with fairy dust and goes to the local fairy market day.

a-little-fairy-book (1)Kitty, who lives in a cosy toadstool and has a magic wand made of sparkling rubies, loves numbers. She likes to use her magic on making her home sparkly and fun, as well as making thimble-sized crowns with her little pet Mouse. As she prepares to go to Princess Pony’s birthday party, Kitty asks for your help counting up to five – five balloons, five candles, and five jewels!

Kids will be entranced by the beautiful artwork, and the participatory element of the board books will leave them feeling proud when they get to the end of the book. Having published over sixty children’s books, you can be assured that Anna Pignataro knows what she’s doing, and we can assure you that you and your child will be eagerly awaiting the next Little Fairy Book.

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