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A new superhero is born: Review Iguana Boy Saves the World With a Triple Cheese Pizza

May 1, 2018

At some stage in their lives most young kids want to be a superhero. They read the stories, dress up and re-enact their favourite battles but what if your older brother and sister really did have superpowers and you missed out?

This is the sad situation that Dylan Spencer finds himself in at the outset of Iguana Boy. His older brother Sam, (aka Arctic Thunder) can control the weather and use it for his own purposes. On Mondays, his older sister Millie (aka Millie Monday) can defeat any enemy with her very powerful laser eyes. Both are members of the esteemed ‘Super Hero Collective’, an organisation for superheroes that Dylan may never get to be a part of.

To make matters worse, Sam and Millie constantly tease Dylan about his lack of a super power. Despite their constant taunting, Dylan is sure that one day soon he is going to discover his hidden super power.

Then it happens, out of the blue Dylan finds that he can …. wait for it…communicate with iguanas – not animals in general, just iguanas. You might be thinking that this is an unusual super power, but you would be very wrong to think that it was pointless.

After Dylan and Paul (his brother’s abandoned pet iguana) get acquainted, they go on a mission to rescue Paul’s friends from the pet shop. Dylan has decided that a team of iguanas could be put to good use when saving the world.

When his brother and sister, along with others from the Super Hero Collective start to go missing, Dylan rightly detects that something sinister is about to happen. Supervillain Celina Shufflebottom, aka Platypus Kid, makes an appearance and it becomes apparent that Iguana Boy and his team of iguanas must come up with a plan to save the world.

You’ll have to read it yourself to find out how…

If you’re looking for a very funny read about making the most of what you have, being brave, helping and respecting others then you need go no further.

The text is large so easily read by younger readers, there are wonderful comic strips and illustrations throughout to keep the plot rolling along in a visually entertaining and engaging way and if your kids like this one then you’re in luck as there is another set for release later in the year.

Iguana Boy Saves the World with a Triple Cheese Pizza is being compared to Tom Gates, Future Ratboy and My Brother is a Superhero and with a winning combination of superheroes, who can do obscure and gross things (such as create an explosion with belly button lint), plus talking lizards, pizza and lots of laughs you can’t go wrong for primary school readers.

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James Bishop (Author) 
James Bishop was the runner up in the 2016 ITV Lorraine’s Top Tales competition. Inspired to write a comic-book style superhero book by his vast collection of comic books and by the birth of his newborn baby, James set to work writing about a boy with a rare superpower – Iguana Boy was born.

Rikin Parekh (Illustrator) 
Rikin Parekh is a children’s book illustrator based in North West London. He has two art degrees from Camberwell College of Arts and the University of Westminster. His past jobs include working in a primary school and as a film production illustrator on monster movies. Rikin has a vast collection of comic books and comic art and he LOVES eating pizza … any time, any place! Therefore, you could say Rikin was a match made in pizza heaven for Iguana Boy!

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