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Artists Support Kids

March 15, 2019

Books teach children many things about themselves, others, and the world, helping them to develop their own views, ideas, and opinions. All too often however, when they try to voice these newly-found opinions and perspectives, they aren’t taken seriously, or are dismissed as being ‘young and naive.’

For this very reason the #kidlit4climate campaign was created. In light of the strikes and rallies demanding urgent climate action that have taking place across the globe today, children’s illustrators have united to stand in solidarity with all the young voices yearning to be heard.

As artists who dedicate their lives and work to teaching, celebrating, and nurturing children, these illustrators are determined to support the voices of children across the globe. The message is clear – as adults, we have an obligation to support children, to let them speak up and most importantly, to listen to what they have to say.

For students who won’t be able to attend the protests in person, the #kidlit4climate instagram page will be hosting a virtual protest, featuring the works of not only famous children’s illustrators, but also of young children from all over the world.

To read more about this campaign, and to view the stunning illustrations that have been contributed thus far, visit their website and instagram page.

And don’t forget, to share it with your children.

The illustration used above is by award winning picture book illustrator and author Jess Racklyeft who is supporting the #kidlit4climate campaign. If you would like to learn more about Jess visit her website here.

Her book There’s Only One Mum Like You will be out later this month.


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