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Book of the Week: Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas

September 19, 2016

empire-of-stormsMassive worldwide bestseller Sarah J. Maas is back with Empire of Stormsthe latest instalment in her smash-hit YA fantasy series, ‘Throne of Glass.’ But be warned – the fifth book is full of nail-biting action, heart-pounding romance, and shocking twists that will have you reading until the early hours of the morning!

After defeating the king of Adarlan and saving Prince Dorian from the clutches of the Valg, Aelin Galathynius is ready to take back her kingdom at any cost. She has the full support of the court, although her violent past means the current governing lords refuse to respect her as the rightful ruler.

There are dark forces in her path, forces worse than the lords. The mythical Valg King Erawan is back, unleashing an army of seemingly indestructible nightmares. To destroy the darkness threatening to take over their world – to finish what was started long, long ago – Aelin and her court build an army of assassins and thieves, exiles and commoners. But there is another darkness looming. Maeve, the Fae Queen, is waiting for her moment…

Aelin soon learns that saving her kingdom and the people she loves comes at a price. Is she willing to pay it?

We were thrilled to return to Aelin’s world, and Empire of Storms reminded us of why we fell in love with the series in the first place. Maas has always been adept at world-building, and Aelin’s kingdom feels vividly real.

sarah-j-maas_credit_josh-wasserman_300Many readers also go to Maas’ novels for the romance, and fans will not be disappointed with the exciting new relationships that form in Empire of Storms. There are sparks and connections between the most unlikely of characters, and Aelin and Rowan’s romance has gone up a notch in this book too.

For those who aren’t into the mushy stuff, there are devastating battles, strategic planning sessions and magic-wielding warriors to have your imagination properly hooked.

With the violence and adult themes, this one is definitely for teenagers (ages 15+). Empire of Storms is the fifth book, and you do need to start at the beginning, Throne of Glass, if you’re new to the series.

This book rewards readers who have been with Aelin since the start. Characters we previously only had glimpses of become major players in the game of war, and you will find yourself preparing to fight with new favourites as well as old.

We’re already anticipating the next book, and counting down the days until we stand with Aelin Galathynius once again.

Throne of Glass was Sarah J. Maas’s first full-length novel to be published, and went on to be a New York Times bestseller. She’s also the author of the ‘Court of Thorns and Roses’ series. A New York native, Sarah currently lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and dog.

Click here to watch an interview with Sarah or to purchase a copy of Empire of Storms!


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