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Books of the Week: The Kaboom Kid series by David Warner

October 30, 2015

kaboom books shot landscapeThis month sees the release of two new books in cricketer David Warner’s ‘The Kaboom Kid’ series. The series is already hugely popular with the kids we know of around 8, 9 and 10 and it’s gaining new fans all the time.

Why they (and we) love it!

Focusing on a group of Year Six kids, these light-hearted, satisfying stories deal with popular themes of school, friendship – and cricket!

The stories are just a little bit irreverent – particularly about adults and teachers (one teacher in particular: cranky ‘Mudge’)  – and feature cheeky colloquialisms like ‘whinge-fest’.

The text is broken up with graphics, cartoon-style illustrations and plenty of white space, so the books aren’t daunting to read.

Kaboom Kid Dave Warner approved imageAnd best of all, they’re co-written by Australian cricketer David Warner!

The main character, Little Davey, is modeled on Warner himself – a boy who lives for cricket and doesn’t want to do anything else. Davey lives with his mum, dad, big brother and stinky dog, Max. And Max, too, loves cricket …

The cricket scenes – training, drills, learning to ‘read a pitch’, setting up for games – are full of realistic detail and will give kids a great sense of what it really takes to develop skills and play at a high level.

Each book also features photos of David Warner playing as an adult and as a kid.

Two new episodes:

Davey and his dog Max are constantly getting into scrapes. In each book in the series it seems Davey’s cricket ambitions are going to be thwarted, but he always triumphs in the end (and the local bully generally gets his comeuppance)!

In these new books, Davey and friends Sunil and Tay have been selected to play for the local rep team. It’s a dream come true, but training is twice a week, no excuses, and Davey’s already promised his mum he’ll take Max to doggy school …

Then, the South-East Slammers rep team is travelling to the country for a match against the mighty North-West Whackers. But the school bully and his mates are up to something… When the team captain goes missing just before the big game, it’s up to Max the dog to save the day.

Kaboom internal caroonKaboom internal graphics

Four more reasons for parents and teachers to love these books (kids will be having too much fun reading to notice):

1. It’s important for kids to see reading ‘modelled’ by people they look up to. So, having a big sporting ‘name’ like David Warner’s attached to a book sends great signals about the value of reading!

2. The books feature relatable characters from both genders and a number of cultures.

3. They give kids the message that good things come out of bad situations.

4. They encourage kids to get out and play sport.

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Are your kids fans of The Kaboom Kid? We’d love to hear what they like about the books in comments.

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