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Fawlty Towers Meets Treehouse: Extract of Toffle Towers: Fully Booked

August 9, 2019

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We’re very excited to report that author Tim Harris has a brand-new series out this month.

Toffle Towers: Fully Booked introduces readers to 10-year-old Chegwin Toffle, a daydreamer of the most advanced kind who out of the blue inherits an entire hotel!

Unbeknownst to Chegwin, his late Great Uncle Terrence Toffle bequeathed the hotel to him – he doesn’t have to accept the responsibility of looking after the hotel but if he declines it will be sold and all the employees will be out of a job.

You may be thinking that a daydreamer isn’t the best equipped person to run a hotel or that Chegwin may not be organised or level headed enough to keep things ticking over as they should be. You might also be thinking he’s only 10-years-old!

Despite Chegwin’s teachers despairing at his lack of concentration and fear that as a ‘dreamer’ he’ll never amount to much, his parents appear to have complete faith in his ability to pull this off and they are coming along to back him up.

However, without checking the fine print, Chegwin has quite possibly bitten off more than he can chew. Toffle Towers isn’t your typical hotel and it hasn’t had a booking for two years…

Fawlty Towers was the inspiration for this quirky story full of equally quirky characters. There’s diamond-in-the-rough groundsman Barry, terribly posh butler Larry and Pepper the whiz-bang chef amongst others.

Chegwin takes on the mission of re-shaping the hotel with gusto and the introduction of a flying shuttle bus brings them their first customer but they’re going to need a lot more than that.

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Tim Harris is one of the most exciting children’s authors in Australia. His first series of books, Exploding Endings, will have primary-aged readers both captivated and laughing out loud. The first book in the series, Painted Dogs & Doom Cakes, was awarded Honour Book at the 2017 KOALAs. His second series, Mr Bambuckle’s Remarkables, contains his trademark quirkiness, mixed with a touch of poignancy.

A former primary school teacher of 15 years, and advocate for creativity and short stories, Tim’s presentations and workshops are dynamic and entertaining. He is a sought-after presenter, having worked in over a hundred schools in 2016 and 2017 alone.

Tim lives in Sydney with his wife and three young children.


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