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Flying High: Review Grandpa’s Space Adventure

August 7, 2018

“I’m scared of the dark…But Grandpa says there’s nothing to be afraid of, so tonight we’ll be camping out.”

And so, begins the tale of Grandpa’s amazing adventures. Grandpa and his dog Rover have travelled to the moon, much to Grandma’s dismay as the rocket had to be built in their backyard and all that equipment is not conducive to drying laundry.

As the pages turn, the fantastical tale of Grandpa and Rover’s trip continues into space, with grandpa going on a space walk and having lots of fun with Rover.

Accompanied by wonderful illustrations of rockets, space ships and the moon, the dark slowly transforms from a scary place into one of infinite possibility!

Grandpa’s Space Adventure is also telling the story of a little boy who loves spending time with his grandpa and a grandpa who relishes in sharing his life experience – even if it is a little embellished at times. Without doubt, this will be a hit with the under 5’s. Who doesn’t enjoy a good story about a quirky grandpa?  Especially one who has a scar across his tummy, where he literally split his sides laughing…

If you’re looking for a picture book that helps with a fear of the dark, focusing on the fun to be had there instead of the fear, then Grandpa’s Space Adventure is your go to picture book. It’s also great for little ones who are starting to take an interest in space, rockets and the funny things that can happen when there is zero gravity.

Both award winning, Sydney based author Paul Newman and illustrator Tom Jellet’s collaboration has succeeded in creating a visually vibrant book, that is fun and sends a great message – what more could you ask for?

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Paul Newman is an Irish-born author, illustrator and art teacher based in Sydney. He has worked in Dublin, London, Hong Kong and Sydney for a variety of clients in advertising, newspapers and magazines such as, Leo Burnett, The South China Morning Post and The Irish Independent. Most recently he has been an editorial illustrator for News Limited working on the Daily and Sunday TelegraphThe Australian and The Weekend Australian. He teaches observational drawing at Enmore Design Centre.

He is also the recipient of three Stanley awards for illustration. Grandpa’s Big Adventure, his first book for children, was shortlisted for the Speech Pathology Australia Book of the Year Awards (5 to 8 Years category) and was a Notable Book of the CBCA Book of Year awards.

Tom Jellett is an Australian illustrator based in Sydney. Tom has been an editorial illustrator for News Limited, working on The AustralianThe Weekend Australian and The Daily Telegraph and his work has appeared in the South China Morning PostThe Week and Medical Observer.

He is an acclaimed children’s book illustrator whose work includes a series about a little pirate (The Littlest Pirate), books about a teddy bear called Ted (Ted Goes Wild, Ted Gets Lost and Ted Hits Town) and most recently, the series Sporty Kids, written by Felice Arena.

His picture book with Justine Clarke and Arthur Baysting, The Gobbledygook is Eating a Book, has been an Australian bestseller whilst his latest picture books with Penguin Random House include Why I Love Footy, and Why I Love Summer written by Michael Wagner and Grandpa’s Big Adventure written by Paul Newman.

In 2011, Tom was included in the editorial category for Illustrators 53, exhibited at the Society of Illustrators, New York.


  1. Michaela

    Haven’t read it darling. I didnt know til me mum told me, im going to purchase it today…..OMG, Paul u r in me dreams a lot lately. Love u xxxx Michaela xxxx

    1. Paul

      Hi Michaela, just saw this. If you enjoy reading this, half as much as I enjoyed writing it, then I will obviously have twice the fun you’re having. Love ya to bits, Paul xxx.

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