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Go For It!: Read an extract from You Are Awesome by Matthew Syed

July 9, 2018

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You Are Awesome is a fantastic book all about helping kids turn dreams into something they can really achieve. And who doesn’t want to be awesome?

Author Matthew Syed has filled this wonderful ‘how to’ book with strategies, hints and tips on changing your mind set and overcoming fears and anxieties to fulfil your potential. His aim is to challenge any beliefs that are holding children back and get them on track to achieving what they set out to do.

As a parent, do you ever hear this?

‘I’ve had enough’

‘I’m no good at it’

‘He/she’s bound to be better than me’

Then You Are Awesome looks at the importance of the right mindset and the role that this plays in helping kids achieve their dreams. By looking at a fixed mind set vs a growth mind set, Syed shows how to change the way your kids think about what they can do, even before taking action.

With chapters titles that include: From kid average to kid awesome, Your fantastic elastic (& plastic brain) and Small steps and giant leaps. Syed not only gives kids strategies for overcoming anxieties and worries but provides real life examples from highly recognisable successful people e.g. Michael Jordan, Steve Jobs, Serena Williams and JK Rowling, all of whom have made lots of mistakes along their path to success.

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