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Going Space Crazy: Read an extract from Squidge Dibley Destroys the Galaxy by Mick Elliott

November 21, 2019

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This is the second book in the hilarious Squidge Dibley series from best-selling author Mick Elliott, who you will also know from The Turners series.

If you were lucky enough to read the first instalment Squidge Dibley, Destroys the School then you’ll know that Class 6PU at Craglands South Primary has had a rough time. If you are new to this series, then it’s probably best to have a read of our review of the first book here. When you stop laughing come back and find out more…

Fortunately, it appears that things are improving for 6PU after their encounter with the worst teacher of all time. With Ms Trigley as a teacher there isn’t too much that can go wrong or can it?

However, the problems start all over again when Ms Trigley assigns the class the task of hatching a baby chicken. After the initial scramble (no pun intended) to see who would look after the egg first things quickly go from bad to weird.

Crichton manages to squash the first egg while securing his position at the head of the canteen line. They keep the second egg going for longer, but it also meets with a sad ending – it’s eaten by Rennie’s python who thought it was his lunch and that’s where the real problem starts. When Rennie replaces the egg with one he finds in the polluted Craglands Swamp things take an unexpected turn – you’ll have to read it to find out what it is!

As a diversion, Ms Trigley organises for an astronaut from GASA to visit. The whole school goes space crazy when Cosmonaut Cath arrives and tells them about a competition; if they design and make a prototype of an invention to help with space research, they could win a trip to space camp!

What will they come up with? Will they make it to space camp or will it all end in disaster? As expected Squidge Dibley has something up his sleeve…

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Mick Elliott is an author, illustrator, children’s television producer, scriptwriter and animator. He has overseen award-winning series for kids of all ages. His credits as producer include CAMP ORANGE, PLAY ALONG WITH OLLIE, SLIMEFEST and hundreds of advertising campaigns. His work at Nickelodeon has won more than twenty international awards, while his animated short films have screened at over sixty festivals worldwide.
Mick lives in Sydney with his wife, two kids and a garden full of lizards.


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