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Hilarious and Heart-Warming Adventure: Review of The Taylor Turbochaser by David Baddiel

October 29, 2019

Last time we heard from bestselling author and comedian David Baddiel it was for the release of Head Kid– we were lucky enough to have him come into the office and it was immediately apparent why kids find him and his books so entertaining.

In Baddiel’s new book, we are introduced to Amy Taylor who is in year 6 and loves cars.

Her favourites are:

  1. The Aston Martin DB5
  2. The Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing
  3. The Jaguar E-Type
  4. The Ford Transit Van

Amy’s love for cars might seem unusual especially because she was in a really bad car accident when she was 8 years old (she’s now 11). As a result, she now needs to use a wheelchair – that also explains her number 4 pick as the van transports her and the wheelchair wherever she needs to go.

However, her wheelchair isn’t quite doing the job anymore – the wheels are wonky and it’s slow! Amy has a particular new kind of wheelchair in mind for her new ride a Mobilcon XR-207. So she’s thrilled when her dad, who now lives in Scotland and is actually a race car designer, steps in and gets her the new motorised wheelchair. She immediately tests how it corners, how it steers and what the top speed is but it isn’t long before she’s reminded that the wheelchair is a long way from being a racing car.

That’s where her best friend and inventor Rahul steps in. Inventor of the Whiter-Tooth-Whiz 503, Alarm Clock-to-Dreams Device 4446 and Toast-Butterer 678X amongst other things, Rahul is more than happy to assist Amy with some wheelchair modifications that will transform it into a race car – or as close as Rahul can get it!

Christened The Taylor Turbochaser, Rahul uses Amy’s wheelchair and the addition of lots of useful things from the scrap yard to create a car that she can actually drive. But dad is not happy and wants the wheelchair converted back to its original and rather expensive state.

Aside from the fact that Amy has only been driving for a matter of minutes and the car itself is not exactly legal, the only logical thing they can do is drive the contraption to Scotland and convince her father that it really is the greatest invention that ever there was. A risky plan is hatched, and they are on their way.

As you can imagine things don’t exactly go to plan and the police are soon in hot pursuit. Hilarious yet heart-warming this new adventure is full of thrills and spills. Perfect for reluctant readers and 8+ readers who need adventure, colour and laughs on every page. David Badiell has done it again so grab a copy and get in early – your little reader will think you’re cool and that always goes a long way…

Purchase a copy of The Taylor Turbochaser by David Baddiel

David Baddiel is a comedian, the host of numerous TV and radio shows, and the writer of four critically acclaimed novels. The Parent Agency is his first children’s book. David lives in London with his family. He hopes his own children won’t be applying to the Parent Agency anytime soon.



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