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Kids’ Series of the Week: Super Moopers by Fiona Harris and Scott Edgar

August 1, 2017


Imusical-markusn Moopertown, everyone is special – in their own special way!

Super Moopers is a loveable, hilarious new series from Sally Rippins Presents, written by Fiona Harris and illustrated by Scott Edgar. Reminiscent of Dr Seuss and the Mr Men series, Super Moopers is the perfect bridge between a picture book and junior fiction, and will keep young ones giggling and their parents entertained.

Super Moopers is set in Moopertown, a fantastical strange place where every citizen is incredibly individual. They’re different colours, shapes, and sizes, and they all have incredibly different personalities. Everyone in Moopertown is special, and everyone is special in a different way!

In the first four books, we’re introduced to four of the characters from Moopertown. There’s Dramatic Dom, who finds everything dramatic – good and bad. Musical Markus loves to sing – but not everyone agrees! Nervous Nellie finds that a lot of things in Moopertown make her nervous, and Giggling Gertie giggles at everything – even things that aren’t funny!

In each book, we’re introduced to each Mooper’s unique trait. It’s a defining factor of their personality. Musical Markus makes up songs about literally everything (though he’s not very good with the words), and Nervous Nellie is terrified of Mr Fossick’s pointy hat. Sometimes their traits get them into trouble. Giggling Gertie laughs at a choir who are struggling to rehearse in time for a visit from the Baron, and Dramatic Dom convinces everyone that aliens are coming, which results in ridicule.

For each of the Moopers, what makes them different gives them a hard time for a while… but it’s always this difference which allows them to rise above and save the day. It’s their differences that let them become Super Moopers! Ultimately, Super Moopers is about celebrating our differences, and recognising that that is what makes us super. We’re all capable of being superheroes when we see the best in ourselves – and others.

xgiggling-gertie.jpg.pagespeed.ic.fJKQRzE4o0The writing from Fiona Harris is witty and warm. Often asking questions directly to the reader, Super Moopers becomes a great discussion point for parents reading with their kids. You’ll be able to talk about what your differences are, and how they make you super! The illustrations from Scott Edgar are particularly standout, similar in style to Oh, The Places You’ll Go! by Dr Seuss, but still undoubtedly individual. Even the Moopers in the background of each image will entrance.

Together, Harris and Edgar have created a wonderful world with great messages for kids ages 5+. Super Moopers is funny, positive, and affirming – and definitely rereadable.

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