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Our Picks for the Most Wondercump Dahl Words

July 1, 2016

oxford-roald-dahl-dictionaryWe think everyone should adopt more Dahl words in their day-to-day conversation. If you’re running late, you better daddle! Maybe someone in the office is being a grump – why not call them a grunion instead? Those few-day-old-leftovers you heated up aren’t looking so good – maybe it’s glubbage

Here are some of our all-time favourite Dahl words and their meanings from The Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionary.

Churgle: When you churgle, you gurgle with laughter.

Daddle: If you daddle, you run very fast.

Fizzwiggler: A fizzwiggler is someone who is mean and cruel

Flussed: If you are flussed, you are worried or anxious

Frotsy: A frosty night or frosty weather is very cold and frosty.

Giganticious Grand and spectacular

Glamourly: Exotic and interesting

Glubbage: Something disgusting that is not fit to eat

Gollop: A big gulp or swallow

Grunion: A very mean or grumpy person

Gungswizzled: If something is gungswizzled, it is in a complete muddle or totally wrong.

Icky- Poo If something tastes icky-poo (as all snozzcumbers do), it tastes REALLY disgusting.

Kiddle: A young child.

Lickswishy: A lickswishy taste or flavour is gloriously delicious.

Mideous: A mideous place is horrible and nasty

Midgy: Something that is midgy is really small and tiny.

Mispise: If you mispsise something, it means you absolutely hate and despise it

Mushious: Something that is mushious is both mushy and delicious

Piggery- jokery: Piggery-Jokery means acting in a silly way and not taking things seriously

Plexicated: If something is plexicated, it is complicated or difficult to do or make

Redunculous: Something redunculous is very silly or ridiculous

Ringbeller: A ringbeller is a really splendid dream, the kind that makes you wake up samiling and happy.

Scrotty: If you feel scrotty, you feel sad and gloomy

Scrumplet: A scrumplet is an affectionate name that you call someone you like

Twizzler: A difficult or unpleasant situation

Wondercump: Wonderful or splendiferous (you could also say phizz-whizzing or whoppsy-whiffling)

Whooshey: A whooshey smell or flavour is very strong, as if the scent had whooshed into your nostrils


Here are some sentences we’ve improved using Dahl words, to help you sound more glamourly

– I had a gollop of my lunch and it didn’t taste lickswishy at all, it was practically icky-poo.

– There was a midgy spider in my room- I know I’m being a little redunculous, but it made me feel flussed because I mispise all bugs.

– It was a frotsy morning, but I just woke up from a real ringbeller. What a wondercrump start to the day!




What’s the best Dahl sentence you can come up with? Let us know in the comments!

 Click here to learn more about the Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionary, or here to purchase a phizz-whizzing copy for yourself.

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