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Kids & YA

A Sparkling Whirl of a Story: Jessie Burton on why she chose to revise The Twelve Dancing Princesses

October 30, 2018

To mark the release of The Restless Girls, author Jessie Burton shares with readers why she decided it was time to re-write the classic Grimm fairytale. Words | Jessie Burton Dear Reader I truly hope you enjoy The Restless Girls, my revision of The Twelve Dancing Princesses, a fairytale which has stayed with me since […] - Read more

French Village, Pastries and Fun: Author of The Girl, the Dog and the Writer in Provence, Katrina Nannestad on her time in Claviers

On the release of her new book The Girl, the Dog, and the Writer in Provence, author Katrina Nannestad shares with readers the time she spent in Provence with her family. Some years ago, I spent a wonderful month in Provence with my husband and our two small boys. We stayed in the hilltop village […] - Read more

Feminist Fairy Tale: Read an extract from The Restless Girls by Jessie Burton

The king explained to the girls that they were now no longer allowed to go beyond the palace walls. ‘But why?’ asked Frida, surrounded as usual by the others. ‘You can’t keep us locked in.’ ‘I’m king and I can,’ Alberto said. He sighed, scratching the top of his balding head through the circle of […] - Read more

A Very French Adventure: Review of The Girl, the Dog and the Writer in Provence by Katrina Nannestad

This is Freja’s Peachtree’s second adventure with crime writer Tobias Appleby and beloved dog Finnegan and after their wonderful adventures in Rome, they are now headed to Provence. The Girl, the Dog and the Writer in Provence can easily be read as a stand-alone book but just to provide background – Freja and her mother […] - Read more

Princess Peony Rocks: Review of The First Adventures of Princess Peony by Nette Hilton and Lucinda Gifford

This is the story of Princess Peony who lives in a castle (that looks remarkably like a house) with a dragon (that looks a lot like a dog). You get the picture, but let’s not spoil the fun! She is brave, in control and very regal although when she encounters Prince Morgan – who she […] - Read more

Liberating The Princesses! : Review of The Restless Girls by Jessie Burton, illustrated by Angela Barrett

  ‘Brave, resourceful, clever and kind. And terribly imaginative. Just how I like princesses to be.’ The first thing that will catch your eye about this remarkable feminist reinterpretation of a classic fairy tale is the stunning cover created by illustrator Angela Barrett, which sets the tone with vibrant girls dancing in complete freedom. The […] - Read more

Seven seriously flinch-worthy fears of Huggabie Falls author Adam Cece

October 27, 2018

Adam Cece, author of the madcap The Unbelievably Scary Thing that Happened in Huggabie Falls, shares the very strange fears he has in common with the residents of Huggabie Falls. Adam Cece is the mastermind behind Huggabie Falls – the weirdest town on Earth that you loved from the first book in the Huggabie seriesThe […] - Read more

Junior Book Clubs

October 25, 2018

It might be a case of popcorn and cupcakes rather than cheese and wine, but children’s book clubs are still about the same thing – getting together with friends to have fun and talk about your favourite reads. You may have noticed that your local independent bookshop or library has a Kids Book Club running, […] - Read more

My Child Was Diagnosed Dyslexic

To mark Dyslexia Awareness Month, author Meg Mason writes about how she reacted – and what she did – when her daughter Daphne Mason was diagnosed with dyslexia at kindergarten age. Words | Meg Mason and Daphne Mason For most of us, reading is like breathing. Something we do every day without ever really thinking […] - Read more