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Book of the Week: Toad Delight by Morris Gleitzman

August 15, 2016

It’s been eight long years since we last had a new talking-cane-toad-adventure from Australia’s Morris Gleitzman. After his first story featuring cane toads, the aptly named Toad Rage, we have loved keeping up with Limpy’s antics and were very excited to hear that the gang are all back in Gleitzman’s newest book, Toad Delight! Limpy is worried. […] - Read more

Talking about toads with Morris Gleitzman

“Just goes to show we shouldn’t judge people, or amphibians, until we get to know them…” We chatted to one of Australia’s funniest and most loved children’s writers, Morris Gleitzman, ahead of the release of his newest book Toad Delight! You can learn more about the book here, and read on to find out why he […] - Read more

Celebrate Dork Day!

August 10, 2016

Celebrate Dork Day 2016! The Better Reading team love any event that supports reading, especially if it encourages kids. On September 10, it’s time to let your inner dork shine through and celebrate Dork Day! The bestselling Dork Diaries series is by Rachel Renée Russell, and stars Nikki Maxwell. It’s great for readers aged 9+, and because Dork […] - Read more

GIVEAWAY: Petunia Paris’s Parrot

July 14, 2016

*Giveaway posted 14th July, enter by Tuesday 19th July 2016* Our <<GIVEAWAY>> this week is a lot of fun to say (and read) – it’s Petunia Paris’s Parrot by Katie Haworth and Jo Williamson! It’s a picture book with wonderful illustrations and a witty story that will surprise you, just as the parrot is about to surprise Petunia… […] - Read more

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Author Q&A: Zana Fraillon

July 11, 2016

  Zana Fraillon‘s first novel for older children, The Bone Sparrow, is told from the eyes of young refugee Subhi, who has spent his entire life inside a immigration detention centre in rural Australia. While it deals with sensitive and upsetting topics, the novel manages to be full of hope, joy and bravery. You can read […] - Read more

Book of the Week: The Bone Sparrow by Zana Fraillon

Every so often a book comes along that will stay with you. They have a character whose voice and story ring so clear, and you feel just a little bit different after having read it. Zana Fraillon’s novel for older readers, The Bone Sparrow, is one of these. Nine year old Subhi’s voice comes through […] - Read more

GIVEAWAY: When Michael Met Mina

July 7, 2016

*Giveaway posted 7th July, enter by 13th July 2016* Randa Abdel-Fattah is the author of several Australian novels for teenage readers that we loved, including Does My Head Look Big in This? and No Sex In the City, and we’re excited to be giving away copies of her newest book – ‘a novel for everyone who wants […] - Read more

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July New Releases for Kids of All Ages

July 4, 2016

For a lot of the country, it has gotten extra cold recently. That means it’s a perfect excuse to curl up, stay warm and read a good book! If you have a little one, check out our list of new picture books. Not only are these well told stories with lovely pictures, some of them […] - Read more

Our Picks for the Most Wondercump Dahl Words

July 1, 2016

We think everyone should adopt more Dahl words in their day-to-day conversation. If you’re running late, you better daddle! Maybe someone in the office is being a grump – why not call them a grunion instead? Those few-day-old-leftovers you heated up aren’t looking so good – maybe it’s glubbage… Here are some of our all-time […] - Read more