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Rhyming read alouds, classic dog stories and more

August 28, 2015

Recently the Better Reading Kids team put together lists of great rhyming read aloud books to share with kids and classic dog characters we think all young children should meet. We’ve also taken a look back at 10 years of the CBCA Books of the Year for Younger Readers and the 12 books UK teachers […] - Read more

A Wimpy Kid in Latin? Imagine that!

Diary of a Wimpy Kid was released in a Latin translation (titled Commentarii de Inepto Puero) earlier this month. So, what was the biggest challenge for translator Monsignor Daniel Gallagher? It wasn’t finding a phrase for “cheese touch”. In fact, it was making the text fit in the speech bubbles in the illustrations, which cannot […] - Read more

Would these work here? Three U.S. initiatives encouraging kids to read

We were fascinated to read about three initiatives, both large- and small-scale, underway in America at the moment. Read and Ride The Read and Ride program encourages kids to sit on exercise bikes while reading at school. The program is currently running in more than 30 schools and has garnered media coverage around the US, and […] - Read more

What’s all the fuss about ‘that sleepy rabbit book’?

A self-published picture book which claims to lull children to sleep in minutes has become an international sales sensation. “Author Carl-Johan Forssen Ehrlin is a Swedish behavioural psychologist. He told The Independent (UK) that the language patterns and complementary images in The Rabbit that wants to fall asleep make it the “verbal equivalent of rocking […] - Read more

Friday Freebie: Mum, Dad, Nanna and Pop picture book pack

*freebie posted 28th August, enter by 2nd September 2015* This week we have something slightly different on offer for our freebie: we’re giving away ONE pack of four picture books celebrating families. The pack includes one copy each of the funny and warm celebrations of modern grandparents, My Nanna is a Ninja and My Pop is […] - Read more

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The stories behind this year’s Children’s Books of the Year

August 24, 2015

What’s involved in creating an award-winning children’s book? We’ve taken a look at the stories behind some of the moving, beautiful and inspiring winners and Honour Books from this year’s CBCA Book of the Year list.  Record breakers The big ‘story’ from the CBCA Awards this year (and the one that received most media coverage) […] - Read more

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Friday Freebies: Marsh Road Mysteries

August 21, 2015

*freebie posted Friday 21st August, enter by 27th August 2015* If you know a young reader who likes exciting stories focused on friendship, or loves solving mysteries, then ‘Marsh Road Mysteries’ is for them. These funny, thrilling stories feature 3 pretty ordinary kids who’ve been friends since playgroup. Minnie, Piotr and Andrew spend their time […] - Read more

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Three intriguing studies about reading aloud to kids

Regular readers of our articles will know we love sharing great stories with children, not in the least because it’s fun! And there’s nothing like passing on our passion for reading. Three recent studies have given us even more reasons to read aloud: What happens to kids’ brains when they listen to a story? There are […] - Read more

Friday Freebies: Ugly by Robert Hoge

August 14, 2015

*freebie posted 14th August, enter by 20th August 2015* A beaut story about one very ugly kid. Robert Hoge has told his inspiring story on ABC’s Australian Story, to other media and in a successful memoir for adults, Ugly. In this new book he writes about his childhood and early teen years, especially for children. We have 10 […] - Read more