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Polly and Buster Break Out: Review Polly and Buster: The Mystery of the Magic Stones by Sally Rippin

May 29, 2018

Despite being the best of friends and constant companions, Polly and Buster have been forced to keep their time spent together a secret. Polly is a witch and Buster a monster and in Blackmoon Coven where they live, witches and monsters don’t become friends. 

That is until Polly accidentally unleashes a spell to protect Buster from his classmates, who are bullying him. This sets off a chain of events that divides the Blackmoon community even further. The very unpleasant Deirdre Halloway, head of the Committee, misleads everyone by claiming that Polly did the spell to protect her daughter, Malorie from the monsters.

Initially, Polly goes along with this as she is relieved that she hasn’t been exposed. However, when Polly hears that a group of angry witches is on its way to Buster’s house she jumps into action finally standing up for Buster and declaring their friendship to the world.

Overwhelmed by the chaos that ensues, Polly, once again, accidentally unleashes a spell and they find themselves on the run. Miss Spinnaker, Polly’s teacher, who also has monster friends, takes the two under her wing.

Along with all of this drama, the magic stones that Polly’s father left her after dying in the Hollow Valley Mines, have started to glow. When Polly asks them for a sign she is called back to the scene of her father’s death. Should Polly take things into her own hands and follow the signs that the stones are giving her? Are they sending her signs that will help her bring the community back together again?

Of course, it’s not that straightforward when there is the constant threat of Mrs. Halloway looming over them and the monsters have also come together to form their own movement against the witches.

The second instalment in this wonderful series for junior readers covers friendship, loyalty, bravery and respecting differences in others. Filled with fantastically fun characters that children will relate to, Polly and Buster: The Mystery of the Magic Stonesis an easy read that deals with important issues and has the added bonus of being illustrated beautifully throughout.

Australian legend Sally Rippin has done it once again and fans of the first book Polly and Buster: The Wayward Witch and the Feelings Monster, along with Billy B Brown and Hey Jack readers, who are ready to move on to a story with a bit more complexity,will thoroughly enjoy this series.

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Sally Rippin is Australia’s highest-selling female author and one of the country’s best-loved children’s authors. In almost 20 years, Sally has written over 50 books for children and young adults, and her mantelpiece holds numerous awards for her writing. Best known for her Billie B Brown, Hey Jack! and Polly and Buster series, Sally loves to create stories with heart and characters that resonate with children, parents and teachers alike. 


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