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Relatable… Maisy Goes To The Bookshop!

March 28, 2017

9781406369847Everyone knows and loves Maisy. After all, Lucy Cousins’ Maisy series has sold over 21 million copies worldwide, and been translated into 29 different languages. Who doesn’t love Maisy? She’s quirky and fun. She wears bright fun clothes, and always has a new adventure with her friends. Even though she’s a mouse, she’s friends with all types of animals, including ostriches, koalas, elephants, and crocodiles. Maisy always seems to be having a blast, and we just know that you and your kids do too with Maisy.

This time around, Maisy Goes to the Bookshop brings us a very relatable adventure for Maisy. She wants to buy a book! But when she gets to the bookshop, there are just too many to choose from. The shelves are filled to the brim with all different types of books, and Maisy’s just not sure which one is her favourite! She sits down in the bookshop. There’s a book about bears, a book about fish, a book about trucks, and a book about drawing. The problem is – she loves them all!

Maisy eventually gets her friend Ostrich to help her choose. In a charming self-referential nod, Maisy ends up choosing a “beautiful book about birds,” a nod to Cousins’ latest book, Hooray for Birds!, which we reviewed earlier this year. Maisy doesn’t just stop at that, though. She meets up with all her wonderful friends at the cafe, talking about books, their dreams, and their wild adventures. They imagine themselves as pirates, cowboys, astronauts, and even ballerinas.

Lucy-Cousins-200x300With the colourful illustrations, kids will be enchanted. Each page is vibrant and fun, with lots of detail, sure to keep kids entertained with finding all the different details on each page. The drawings are wonderfully bright and cheerful, and kids will love recognising each animal that pops up in the book. Adults will have fun reading this book too, with the aforementioned self referential aspects, and the interactive moments in the text. The book ends with Lucy and her friend Tallulah reading Maisy’s new book “over and over again… and out loud!” The book also features a collaborative story time, as Maisy and her friends sit down in the bookshop with Ostrich reading aloud some of the books to them. As always, Maisy and her trip to the bookstore encourage interactive reading.

The new Maisy book is as delightful as the ones beforehand. Given that Maisy has so many adventures, for kids that really love her, they can find lots of other adventures – Maisy goes to the library, the museum, the cinema, and Maisy even learns to swim! The Maisy series have tons of new vocabulary for your kids to learn, as well as being fun, vibrant, and encouraging spending time with your friends outside, and learning while you do it.

As such, Maisy Goes to the Bookstore is perfect for kids three and up, encouraging them to read along with their parents … and, of course, out loud.

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  1. Peta

    Think Maisy mustn’t be shown on ABC TV lately?
    First year I have read Maisy Goes to the Library at school to 5 Prep classes & very few children had ever heard of Maisy!!! I was amazed!!

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