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The Creakers by Tom Fletcher

October 24, 2017

Creakers 3Are you scared?

You should be . . .

The Creakers are here!

Tom Fletcher, bestselling children’s author of The Christmasaurus, is back with a hair-raising, spooky tale that will make you shiver and shake . . .

A fantastic, uncanny tale for middle grade readers illustrated by Shane Devries, The Creakers follows Lucy Dungston: a girl with short hair, brown eyes, a missing dad who is a garbage truck driver, and the misfortune of hearing, every so often,  creaking under her bed in the dead of night.

Have you ever wondered what those noises were? What silently waits in the shadows, what lurks patiently under your bed? What makes all the creaks, cracks, and clangs in the house? Lucy certainly wondered, but didn’t believe that she would ever actually find out. Several months earlier her dad went missing without any explanation. No goodbye notes. Nothing. The strange disappearance left her sad and perplexed, but one morning – the morning we first meet our heroine – she wakes up to discover that it’s not just her dad, but every single adult that has disappeared!

The other kids are more than happy to riot – no school ever again, after all! But slowly they start to realise that no adults means no eggs for breakfast, no one to read them bedtime stories, no one to do their laundry. Out of necessity, Lucy is determined to get them back. Even when she gets a threatening note saying the adults have gone away, forever . . .

With Norman Quirk, the only boy scout in the town and a kid who always seems to be a bit of a loner, and Ella Noying, loud diva and daughter of the mayor, Lucy forms a team ready for action. But where do you start, when all the adults have disappeared without a trace? She’s stumped, until one night when the noises from under her bed start up again. She spots eyes in the dark, eyes that belong to The Creakers, who have some invaluable information regarding the whereabouts of the adults.

While The Creakers is definitely a spooky eerie tale, the strong personalities of the kids and the hilarious comments from the narrator help to offset anything that might make middle grade readers afraid of their own beds.

The Creakers is a tale of humour and perserverance, and of children who’ll do anything to get their parents back. Including battling what lies under their bed at night…

Tom Fletcher is one of the UK’s bestselling authors for children. He is the creator of The Christmasaurus, which was the biggest debut middle-grade novel of 2016. He is also one half of the duo behind the Dinosaur That Pooped picture book series, which has sold over a million copies. His newest picture book is There’s A Monster in Your Book. Tom’s books are translated into nineteen languages around the world (and counting).

Grab your copy here and download your Creakers activity pack here.


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